A three people team is behind the project. As a school subject said, it was about a videogame using movement captation. We used Leap motion as a more precise technology and focused on the hand. The goal was a peaceful game by movements. Illustrations by Myrtille Written in French.


  This project has been made during the2013 Ubisoft Game Challenge. The imposed subject was a short scene from the movie “BARAKA « . Each team had to pick several constraints. Here are ours : Dynamic Sountrack – Inventory system – Monochrom chromactic, declined in four shades – Physics system – 2D resolution like NES 256 x […]

Punish Himself

Punish Himself was an end year project during my bachelor. The assignment was to represent my experience to look for an internship. Two obligations were bounded with the project : using the hero’s journey as storyline principles and the game had to be in 2D. Only GDD was asked. Written in French.

Rewind Life

  Rewind life was produced during a tutored project in Masters degree. The customers were responsible for region heritage. Different topics were possible. I chose transportation in Languedoc Roussillon in 19th century. This project has been made alone, from game design to prototyping. Written in french.